We create modern opportunities for Haiti’s youth. Through college training in audio engineering and music production we foster entrepreneurship and business development in local creative industries.



Haiti suffers from a staggering 50% unemployment rate, and 80% of the population currently lives on less than $2 per day. Widespread lack of access to affordable education is among Haiti’s most significant barriers to development, perpetuating the cycle of poverty between generations.  In a country pulsing with rhythm, and brimming with musical talent and creativity, there is a vital need for the modernization of Haiti’s music and audio industries. Audio Institute: We Are the World School of Music and Audio Engineering aims to transform Haiti’s music industry into an equal opportunity economic driver by providing two-year college education in audio engineering and music production, as well as employment and professional services for students, alumni, local and international artists. SUPPORT AUDIO INSTITUTE



We believe Haiti’s future lies in the hands of its youth. We contribute towards fostering the economic and social revival of the nation by providing young people with access to professional training and lasting employment opportunities.



We are the World and Artists for Peace and Justice established Audio Institute as part of a strategic partnership with Ciné Institute, Haiti’s only film school, to increase professional artistic training and employment opportunities for Haiti’s talented youth. The powerful alliance has created the Artists Institute, a multi division college for art and technology set on a magnificent 5 acre campus by the sea in Jacmel.

WATW is dedicated to raising money for charitable purposes and to making grants to charitable organizations with meaningful and efficient relief and development programs that are responding to the continuing crisis in Haiti.
Artists for Peace and Justice provides communities in Haiti with programs in education, healthcare and dignity through the arts. APJ is committed to long-term sustainable development in direct partnership with the Haitian people. APJ’s model is simple: it believes in empowering local communities, fostering economic growth and the power of education to change a nation.


Our team is made up of Haitian and international professionals who are extremely dedicated and passionate about creating a brighter future for Haiti.


Arcade Fire (Canada)
Paul Beaubrun (Haiti)
BélO (Haiti)
Michael Brun (Haiti/USA)
Mark Foster (USA)
Sol Guy (Canada)
Kenna (USA)
Nora Kirkpatrick (USA)
Marni Lewis (USA)
Pras Michel (Haiti/USA)
Bryn Mooser (USA)
Zach Niles (USA)
Paul Oakenfold (UK)
Eddy Renaud (Haiti)
Scott Rodger (UK)


A world leader in studio design and acoustic engineering, WSDG took our traditional Haitian rural inspired buildings and turned them into world class recording studios.
Nimbus School of Recording Arts in Vancouver provided its expertise and guidance in helping us develop our curriculum which is based on international standards and optimized to meet local needs.


Vintage King
Solid State Logic (SSL)
Alto Music


David Belle, Founder
Paula Hyppolite, Director, Artists Institute
Zach Niles, Audio Institute, Director Emeritus
Jessica Dorce, Administrative Assistant & Human Resources Manager
Marie C. Beaulière, Administrative & Human Resources Assistant
Massena Cesar, Logistical Coordinator
Marc Henry Valmond, Public Relations Coordinator
Irlande Laurent Lohier, Office Assistant
Jean-Bernard Liautaud, Audio Services Coordinator
Steeve Valcourt, Professor
François Macchiagodenna, Professor
Ebby Angel Louis, Professor
Louiguens Istrop, Technical Department
David Fils Noël, Technical Department
Génette Bonhomme, Technical Department
Fedia Laurent, Technical Assistant
Joel Junior Louis, IT Manager
Rolane Mondestin, Maintenance
Rene Pierre, Campus Electrician
Claude Gilles, Security
Jean Marie Edouard, Security
Ulrick Augustin, Security
Willer Bazelais,Security
Patrice Pierre, Security
Fritzner Baptiste, Security
Phillipe Pierre, Security
Godly Prévot, Transportation
Wilbert Prévot, Transportation
Robert Lafortune, Transportation
Jacqueline Antitone, Housekeeping
Mme Ricot, Housekeeping
Rolande Mondestin, Housekeeping
Mme Ilomene Badio, Kitchen Assistant
Emilia Mondesir, Kitchen Assistant
Shella Cesar, Kitchen Assistant
Andrélita Jean Louis, Kitchen Assistant
Micheline St Jean, Plongeure
Osse Merisier, Chief Groundskeeper
Rigaud Mathieu, Yard Crew
Dawens St Fleur, Yard Crew
Mackendy Jean Pierre, Landscaping
Gethro Desrivières, Landscaping