Lakou Mizik Album Fundraiser

Please help spread the amazing music and rich culture of Haiti by pre-ordering Lakou Mizik’s first Album!

We started LAKOU MIZIK together as a project to bring positive awareness to Haiti through it’s music and culture. Recording in makeshift studios around the country musicians from different genres and generations all came together – to reimagine classic Haitian folk music in a modern context.

The combination of talents proved powerful and LAKOU MIZIK quickly became one of Haiti’s top roots music bands. With an acoustic-based, funky-as-all-get-out, vodou, troubadou, roots soul music style all their own Lakou Mizik creates an irresistible 100% Haitian musical stew. And they’re determined to create an amazing album together!

Most people only know Haiti from the negative reporting of mainstream news –
but the music and musicians of LAKOU MIZIK will help us all read between the headlines and pre-packaged narratives to find a side of Haiti that tells a different story – a beautiful country and culture bursting with creativity, pride and some super danceable grooves. We are determined to spread the LAKOU MIZIK music and message and with your help, maybe – just maybe – the next piece of news you hear about Haiti won’t be another cliché but rather something about the unstoppable, positive spirit of Haitian musical sensation…LAKOU MIZIK!

Thank you for supporting this album dream! Mesi Anpil – from the bottom of our hearts….
Zach, Steeve, Jonas, Sanba Zao, Nadine, Lamarre, Woulele, Tipiti, James & Christian”

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