Letter from Audio Institute student: Roudie Rigaud Marcelin

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A big salute to everyone who is working together to support us at Artists Institute,  I hope you are all well! For those who knew me Ciné Institute and all those who know me now at Audio Institute, my name is Roudie Rigaud Marcelin. I was born Cap-Haïtien, Haiti.



I’ve been studying here in Jacmel since 2011 where I first studied cinema at Ciné Institute. My experience living and breathing in movies for two years was extraordinary. I had the opportunity to participate with my fellow classmates on several films such as AnitaLe Bon, Le Méchant et L’Apprenti and many others.  My studies at Artists Institute have been difficult, but I’ve never been discouraged because class is engaging and I’ve learned so much. In June 2013, I graduated Ciné Institute, specializing in video editing and sound.

Now I’ve leapt into a completely new experience here at Audio Institute, another amazing opportunity that I truly believe will help me achieve professional success in the Haitian music industry. I love what I am learning! I’m not afraid to study hard and work hard to master the complicated techniques of filmmaking sound and audio engineering. Luckily, I have found great teachers who support my dreams. I would like to thank again every single person who has helped provide my generous scholarship. On behalf of all the Artists Institute students, we really appreciate this great gesture and blessing that we were granted to continue our studies here in Jacmel that gives us strength and courage to never stop in our work.

The music I composed for my final project began as part of an iPad exercise we did in class with Professor Steeve Valcourt and Audio Institute Director Dadi Beaubrun who demonstrated TRIAD on the piano. Every day I put something extra into composing my music and discover new and exciting aspects of music production that interest me. I call my music SUN. My song invites the audience to reflect on the trajectory of their lives like planets orbiting around the sun, moving together in harmony. I want this music to touch the heart of every person who will listen it. I hope my song invites everyone to begin a personal and spiritual meditation on life. I want people to hear Haitian culture with the special touch of the drums and then incorporate new instruments to symbolize the rest of the world mixing together. I am excited to finalize and master the song when Audio Institute class starts up again in September!

Roudie Rigaud Marelin

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