PsalmOne’s Memoirs from Haiti: A Multimedia Docu-Series

“Roosters crow way before the sun comes up. I just want people to know that.”

Just after Jakmèl JouBare’n, Chicago rapper Psalm One visited the Artists Institute campus  for a workshop and recording session at Audio Institute. Represented by Chicago labels Rhymesayers Entertainment and FreeHug Life, Psalm One, otherwise known as  Cristalle Bowen or Hologram Kizzie, is a female “brainy rapper” who sticks by her morals. Her workshop focused on how important it is that hip hop has balance, ensuring that community, inspiration, and positivity are all driving forces. Psalm One stressed to the students that right now in the industry there can be too much focus on fame and wealth, and that creativity must always be the driving force of one’s work.

Psalm One’s workshop centered on “How to Build a Hook” for hip hop tracks. The first day she was on campus, she spent hours building beats and shaping songs with students. On the second day, she worked with the students to refine their beats and find the hook within the song. Her focus was on drawing from simplicity, and six songs were created in just four hours!

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  1. jre
    June 9, 2014

    Got home about 30 minutes ago from a night of laughing campfires and playing guitars by the fire singing with my baby girl :)


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