Master Class: BélO

Hugely popular Haitian musician, BélO, came to do a Masterclass at the Audio Institute in January. BélO was born in Haiti in 1979, and now works as an author, composer, guitarist, and singer. He is a winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious “Prix Radio France International Discoveries of 2006.” His musical style, known as “Ragganga,” combines reggae, jazz, rock, worldbeat and Haitian “RaRa” traditional voudou rhythms.

BélO gave a great class on production and engineering, and made sure to stress to the students his excitement that the Institute exists, and how rare it is that each and every student was in such a world-class facility on a full scholarship. He inspired the class by stating his commitment to the school and the students as a parter when he said, “I’m ready for you when you’re finished with school! Remember to call me!”

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