Letter from our Director: Dadi Beaubrun

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The first year of the Audio Institute: We Are The World School of Music and Audio Engineering has just begun. We’re starting the year with 30 Students (20 men and 10 women) of varying backgrounds and experience levels. Some are well established local DJ’s, others have studied classical music at the local music school while still others are involved locally with traditional vodou or church music groups. Some had worked in studios already while others had never used a computer. But all of them had shown to us – through their interviews and applications — that they were passionate, motivated and curious. We believe they will excel beyond our expectations.

Trimester 1 we will focus on basics of recording techniques, recording history, music theory and music exploration. The curriculum is mainly taught using iPads and basic recording programs such as Garageband. This approach will allow for students with less technological experience to get comfortable with both computer and recording basics through daily use – and makes the Trimester 2 jump to the beautiful recording studio much more natural.

The students truly continue to impress – most heartening I think for the staff is to see the way the women have risen to the challenge. Outnumbered by the boys, with less family support for the field they are choosing to enter and with no role models to look to for guidance inspiration, the women of Audio Institute have proven to be a real creative force and are some of the top students. One of our top honor students for the first trimester is Johanne Charles. She has earned a 9.82 average (out of a possible 10) for Trimester 1. Johanne is also a senior at a law school. She is attending school on Saturdays to obtain her degree. All the Audio Institute’s teachers were amazed to see her natural talents and determination. She is a motivator for the other women in the class and also a challenge for all the men. She is exploring the idea of becoming an entertainment lawyer/engineer in the future.

The inaugural AudioInstitute class seems destined for success, and we’re privileged to be a part of their education.

Dadi Beaubrun,
Audio Institute Director

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